Episode #12 — On Speaking Truth

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode #12 -- On Speaking Truth

The episode where Ben and Shiloh have Jacqueline Smith on to talk about the power of vocally speaking truth. We all live under false narratives in our own minds that the Adversary has placed to ensnare us and to destroy our peace and prosperity, and repentance is the way that we overcome those false narratives in our own lives. Jacqueline has a unique perspective and method in identifying and successful dealing with many of these narratives that we accept as realities in our own minds, as we actively choose to adopt and more fully appreciate, understand, and enjoy the eternal truths about ourselves and everything that our Heavenly Parents have for us.

For any questions for Jacqueline, email her at mentoringforme@gmail.com.

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  1. This was a great podcast. I find the exact same thing! We got very into studying the darkness and liberty and what was going wrong with the nation and never noticed what was going right. I work with people doing something that sounds similar to your work, although I don’t call it mentoring. As I work with people to release those past beliefs, and generational issues, there are tremendous changes. I especially love the responsibility it gives to us-Elder Bednars talk on the enabling power of the atonement comes to mind. It promotes so much peace and is helping to build Zion and release people from emotional, mental, and physical bondage-allowing them to truly use their agency and liberty. It’s awesome!

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