Episode #14 — Immigration and Borders

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode #14 -- Immigration and Borders

The episode where Ben and Shiloh start Season 2 of the LDS Liberty podcasts by talking about immigration policy and borders from a gospel perspective. How we can look at immigration from a gospel perspective? Can we appeal to the scriptures for a solution to this issue? Can open borders, as the United States has had for most of its existence, still keep us free and safe? What is a possible Christian solution to this seeming problem?

Also a special thanks and shout out to LDS Liberty’s new podcast editor, Anne Frost, for her time, means, and talents. Ben and Shiloh couldn’t have put Season 2 together so quickly without her.

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  1. Looking at open borders as if it is not influenced by the other aspects of our government is to miss the whole point of people being able to defend theirselves. People are not coming here to assimilate or to take advantage of liberty. Many come here to live here without effort to support their selves. By law we are no longer able to influence people by our actions or the way we percieve them. Since they no longer care to assimilate, we can no longer have a societal influence. They opportunity to allow violent people and people with solely criminal intentions into our the presence of our families is not a righteous pathway. The Nephites didn’t invite the Lamanites into their cities without determining their intent. All we are asking is to be able to determine their intent by knowing their past actions.
    Our country is no longer a righteous country so we no longer receive the protection of our father. We may receive it as a church, as a family or as a community, but not as a country. As we abdicate our responsibility to protect our families, or as our government does not allow us to protect our families we allow those who are not righteous to have the ability destroy us.
    I agree in a righteous country we would have open borders, because we would have influence over them.

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