Episode #21– Ammonihah and the New Discussion of Liberty (Part 4: Alma 14-16)

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode #21-- Ammonihah and the New Discussion of Liberty (Part 4: Alma 14-16)

The episode where Shiloh and Ben finish talking about Ammonihah and of Alma’s and Amulek’s of reestablishing true liberty in the land. In Alma 13, Alma and Amulek had offered the people of Ammonihah the government of God in order to build the kingdom of God on earth, but the people — too nationalized in their identity as citizens of Ammonihah — rejected what the Lord had to offer and doubled-down on defending their own temporal laws. As man’s governments are the socially acceptable monopolization of coercion and violence, the people — who identified so willingly and ardently as citizens of Ammonihah in rejecting their identities as children of God (i.e., deliberately refusing to repent) — could only see coercion and violence as a response to the testimonies of Alma and Amulek who they falsely believed were testifying against their laws. Given the seeming command from the Lord in Alma 43:47 to “defend your families even unto bloodshed,” how do we resolve this when Alma — knowing that he can stretch forth his hand to save the believers of Ammonihah (including Amulek’s family) — he willingly refuses to save and defend the families from the fires of martyrdom? What is the power of witness and testimony? What does this say about the Book of Mormon’s purpose and narrative? Alma and Amulek again demonstrate that they are true men of God by their willingness to suffer and sacrifice in prison, never reviling or fighting back in defending their own “rights” or “freedom,” but only in paying the necessary price for priesthood power that leads to deliverance.

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