Episode #22 — On Faith, Knowledge, and the “Doctrine of Perhaps”

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode #22 -- On Faith, Knowledge, and the "Doctrine of Perhaps"

The episode where Ben and Shiloh talk about the fundamental concepts of faith as a substance and the primary principle of action in spiritual and physical things. What is the difference between knowledge and “pure knowledge”? Is it important? Why? What is the “doctrine of ‘perhaps’,” and how does this change the way that we look at our faith (as a substance and assurance) in the gospel of Jesus Christ? Do we live a gospel of outcome-based ethics, or do we have a gospel of doing the right things for the right reasons regardless of the perceived outcome?

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  1. I love this perhaps concept. I should treat everyone as if they (or I ) are already perfect.

    I just found this site. Are you still podcasting?

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