Episode #8 — D&C 98 and God’s Unchanging Standard for Defense and Fighting

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode #8 -- D&C 98 and God's Unchanging Standard for Defense and Fighting


The episode where Shiloh and Ben talk about Section 98 and the Lord’s standard for personal defense, family defense, and national defense. The Lord has used many standards for His children throughout history depending on decisions that they have made, but in Section 98 the Lord says that this has been His standard from the ancient days to today. This is an incredibly important standard that is ignored, distorted, and discarded through “yes, but” discipleship. Instead of exercising faith in Christ unto deliverance by utilizing the principles of Section 98, as a nation we rely on the arm of flesh and engage in idolatry to save us.


  1. I have enjoyed your podcast regarding war and forgiveness, mercy and justiceā€¦ I have to admit that I feel some uneasiness when I consider what is happening in our country at the moment and in the world and striving to follow the principles laid out in the doctrine and covenants. However, I have to acknowledge, that the Lord has been teaching me these principles for many years, lined up online, enlightening my understanding. I’m grateful for the work that you do to try to bring these principles to the world. Thank you

  2. This was so good to hear. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. Could you tell me what talk you were quoting from, the one by President Kimball?

  3. Thoughts on Joseph Smith using a gun to defend him and the others at Carthage. Thoughts on the Nauvoo Legion. Thoughts on the purpose of government to protect our rights including life liberty ect. Isn’t government force and coercion and is it not necessary to protect us. Should we do away with the Police and military? Love your podcast, thanks

    1. Joseph using a gun and the Nauvoo Legion are easy to explain: People, not Mormons and not prophets, are perfect. We aren’t like Muslims who see in the life of Muhammad the perfect example of Islam lived. Joseph was a product of his times. His revelations though surpass his limitations and grant us access to God’s often revolutionary truths.

      Government IS force and coercion. This is why anarchism is the most moral way.

      And why do I need a worldly military force when I have God for my defense? Repeatedly God tries to teach us that we do not need armies and navies if we trust in Him.

    2. Michael, he was certainly justified in his actions. The purpose of government (meaning the state) is to protect rights, but it seems to continually fail in that purpose. Deliverance from bondage is through Christ, not the state.
      Thanks for listening and thanks for your thoughts.

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