Episode 3: Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of Christ

LDS Liberty
LDS Liberty
Episode 3: Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of Christ


The one where Shiloh and Ben talk about taking upon ourselves the name of Christ and what that means in terms of the atonement, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, baptism, deliverance, liberty and freedom, testimony, witnessing, temple worship, and identifying and maximizing our humanity through becoming Christ figures ourselves.



  1. Great to hear that the podcast is back! I’ve missed these over the last few years. Shiloh and Ben, you’ve done good so far.

    Although you make some great points in this episode, you definitely need to clarify something. You infer that it’s not-Christian to defend your rights using force. Is that your position? Do you think it’s wrong to own weapons, and use them when someone attempts to violate another’s life, liberty, or property?

    1. Hey Johnny, great to hear from you.

      To address your thoughts for clarification, we were quite intentional in how and what we were saying — or, rather, what we weren’t saying. There is definitely need for further clarification in the future, as we plan to address this issue in further and much more specific detail from what the prophets and scriptures have said about the issue. There are at least a dozen different podcasts that we have in mind and that we’re putting together that will go into greater detail the answers to your questions. Without trying to sound too cryptic (we’re just not quite ready to release everything quite yet and let the cat out of the bag), we definitely take the scriptural stance of D&C 98 and what it says about responding to our enemies and when it is justified to defend yourself.

      We look forward to hearing from you again, and thanks again for listening. Ben and I definitely have big shoes to fill doing this after JC and Jeremy did such an amazing job with everything. LDS Liberty really pushed the envelope with its podcasts against social, nationalistic, economic, philosophical, and cultural dogmas, and as we grow from where we have been we want to do exactly that — grow. Several people over the years have commented how LDS Liberty made them initially uncomfortable with the message of liberty in light of the restored gospel, because it forced them to reevaluate their own accepted dogmas (like those listed above) and accept new and more consistent truths as given by the scriptures and latter-day prophets. We definitely are seeking to carry on that tradition.

      — Shiloh

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